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You have below some answers to the frequently asked questions about the reward. We remain at your disposal for further information.

    • How am I rewarded?

Your cash reward will be credited to you via PayPal. You need to open an account from your personal “MY OPINEA PANEL” page. To finally ‘receive’ the money you have collected over a certain time period you can either (1) purchase goods or services on Internet or (2) request a transfer of these funds to your bank account. For more information on how this service works please go to

    • How much will I receive for taking part?

Your cash compensation amount will vary (usually between 0.30$ and 3$) according to the length of the questionnaire completed.

    • How can I check my account?

To check the amount in your account you need to select “MY OPINEA PANEL” in the menu, log in and then click on “Check my balance”.

    • Why isn’t the amount that Opinea has paid into my PayPal account the exact amount stated by Opinea?

There’s a few cents difference between the amount due to be paid by Opinea and the amount actually paid into your PayPal account because PayPal charges a 2% transfer tax to your account.

    • The money hasn’t been transferred to my PayPal account.

To start with, check that you use the same email address for both PayPal and your Opinea Panel account. If these addresses are different you have 2 options available to you:

1. Add the email address you use for the Opinea Panel to your PayPal account (don’t forget to confirm the modification).

2. Send us a request to change your Opinea Panel email address to the one you use for your PayPal account.

If you use the same email address for both Opinea and PayPal and the transfer still doesn’t happen when you request it, then contact us and we will deal with this problem straight away.

    • I answered the questionnaire but I only received 10p

If your Opinea account has only been credited with 0.10$ it’s because you didn’t match the profile we were looking for. The questions you replied to enabled us to determine whether you were suited to the survey. We are sure you will soon be matched to a new survey.

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